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Queen of Eternity
01 December 2012 @ 01:15 am
I'm really addicted to this Maroon 5 song, lol. 

Stilll alive, and I see we have some new style for making a new entry. I like it. xD

updated my layout for December, this one is from mintyapple.
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Queen of Eternity
27 May 2012 @ 02:30 pm
If your screen isn't wide enough, you'll see a scrollbar and the bubbles may overlap...but it won't deter anyone from reading the entries (somehow) so...that's still good. I like this new layout, it's very cute. 

edit: tweaked it the best i could, so I hope this suffices...
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Queen of Eternity
27 May 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Well, I cleared all my deficiencies for this summer, which is good. Now all I need to do is to make sure that I don't get less than 2.5 in any subject--meaning no math for me this semester. There's fiction and poetry to look forward to, but the thing is that all of these classes begin at 7am so...urgh, I'm not looking forward to that at all. The classes end before noon so that leaves me plenty of room for study and other sorts of free time. 

starianprincess, feel free to text me if you still want to take LTS together :) For PE I'm basically looking forward to swimming every Friday from 3-5pm (it'll be a welcome end to a stressful day, I'm sure) and well, as far as people go...I'm basically ok with everyone, even the beings that don't really like me for one reason or another. *shrug* 

Recently I've come to accept that I can only think about someone in a romantic context if I have a bond with them first...and that I value friendships moreso than actual romantic relationships...because it complicates everything. I wish friendships had a reset button. I wish everything did, actually.

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Queen of Eternity
27 April 2012 @ 07:33 pm
Name: Vanessa Anemone Pirascque // Lady
Age: 21 // 13

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Appearance (true form): 
Appearance (child form): 

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Queen of Eternity
05 April 2012 @ 12:01 am
Places of Note

• Miracaia - City of Scholars and Historians, the Library Capital of Telos. Led by Artephius the Wise. 
• Rhodabaia - City of Clerics and Healers, the capital of Angluaron. Joint monarchy between Ellspeth the Gifted and Azael the Merciful.
• Angluaron - Nation of Secrets. Led by Loki the Unseen.
• Ordene - Nation of Fashion and Dark Magic. Led by The Triumvirate.
• Tharnis - Nation of Warriors. Led by Nicholas the Fortunate. 
• Mytavya - City of Art and Expression. Led by Babel the Beloved.
• Genetia - Nation of New Beginnings. Led by Titalia Pirascque.

Miracaia takes pride in its' deserts and library. It is the most traditional in terms of medicine and agriculture, a peaceful city that looks to confrontation as a last resort, located beyond the 

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Queen of Eternity
04 April 2012 @ 04:23 pm


There was no District 13, and that made little Vanessa very, very sad. To her, the number 13 was no more of a bother than, say the number 4. She couldn't understand why it was such an underrated number. There was no 13th floor for hotels, and rare was the home address proudly proclaiming that they were the 13th house on the street. The subdivision was pleasant enough with its' sidewalks and tall trees - but there was no District 13. It was a long way from Ireland, but it was as close to a village as it would get and that was what mattered. If the District had been named a Community, she wouldn't have gone willingly. Community was a bigger word than District, and unfriendly in her 8 year-old mind.

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Queen of Eternity
01 April 2012 @ 02:07 pm
vanessa. ♔

I don't know how this will help, and I personally don't think it means much of anything...but I had my first dream in...like, ever. If I do dream, I forget it because all I remember is a black emptiness. But here I am, lugging around images...also, how do people manage to text quickly using a my|phone? It's more trouble than it's worth...I can't wait to get a Samsung Galaxy Y ;; ~ ;;  And these are some of the details that would make text messages too long, so...yes. As much as I can remember...

and thus I clothe my naked villainy;Collapse )

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Queen of Eternity
31 March 2012 @ 11:21 am
Created by mintyapple and I'm so happy I found it. I love Batman. :D Making use of whatever time I have left before the inevitable happens. |: My General Weight Average (in grades) became 3.8 for this semester. Ergh. I guess I really can't balance time between orgs and study.
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Queen of Eternity
{♦} So yes, grades are being released soon. To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. "Now the battle awaits us. Na via lerno victoria. 'Only the living know victory.' Fight well." Says Fenris, of Dragon Age 2. It's sound advice from an ex-Tevinter slave.
{♣} Mathematics. It's been a problem that never quite solves itself, and quite frankly how others understand it and then ask me about English is far easier. I know a lot of people that are good with maths -- if they could take my exams for me then they would...pity I have no identical twin that's good at maths. TT-TT
{♠} I only just got my Internet back, as my father finally paid for it...and whilst I can now grieve/pray that my luck holds out and all my professors passed me, I'm...ergh. I don't even want to talk about it, much less blog about it. My GWA went down from 2.2 to 3.114...:(
{♥} I better do...better next semester. After college algebra there's statistics. Why is this festering in Literature, again? :'( 

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Queen of Eternity
11 March 2012 @ 11:36 am
The moon-viewing party. 9pm MST I was tasked with ordering food for the guests. Lyra, Titalia and our hostesses were chattering online and we helped each other with our given tasks, because Titalia was stationed in the birthing room with a special mirror so that she wouldn't miss anything. I also took the liberty of sending sampler sizes of everything I ordered -- but made sure that she got the most saltwater taffy. Three months along and she's already getting quite big (no offense, dear sister♥)

Of course, no party would be complete without a centerpiece cake. I did order marshmallow moon cake for the occasion, but couldn't resist the corpse bride cake offered that evening--then went on to the savoury things. Food fit for every palate -- vegetarians, carnivores, omnivores, candyvores and everything in between was sent to the palace until I was certain that the tables were groaning and didn't miss anything. 

Entertainment was pleasant -- though I didn't see any firebreathers, tiny twittering devilbirds popped out and spiders started to weave silk blankets in case anyone was getting cold. Sirens and my Lord's humming mixed together and I wasn't drowsy, for once in my life. As the moonlight touched the flowers, my moondrops started to open and the garden was lush, white and sparkling -- laced with the ever-present scent of deadblooms, of course. Luna dancing under the light of the moon is always a pleasant spectacle...

I spent most of the party perched onto a rail or other, speaking to one of the guests for any concerns about the food, or beside my dear Beelze. Babel was well-behaved and after speaking to Tina and Ellspeth faded into the background (I'm sorry if you felt his eyes on you, Cypherus! I don't know what my darling boy's thinking of, these days...) but I haven't heard of any untoward incidents yet. The alcohol and juice bars were separated for the minors and those who didn't want a drink -- I had my fair share of rainbow jelly shots and some moonshine★

Seeing the moon rise and hang over the Underworld was an unforgettable sight; even Yggdrasil seemed to dim in comparison. For anyone that saw deep purple butterflies -- I've been breeding those in secret (well, I'm sure three of you saw them beforehand when they were still eggs) and they're the royal butterflies. They clung to Ellspeth's dress (I'm so sorry my love, they were merely saying hello and they loved how pretty you looked that night) but afterwards flew over the garden, sending silverlight over the guests. The glitter will wear off once you expose it to sunlight, by the by...the poetry reading was especially nice (on-the-spot? Reciting sonnets and old english rhymes I thought I'd never hear again--thank you so much, Shigure, Thana...I think Helios said something as well. Helios has a rich voice that reminds me of dark chocolate...) and Christina Lily even sent out a shower of fireflies!

That eve was fun and lively, with spots of romance here and there. I think I heard the winds carry off sweet nothings and little notes of love off into the deep black sea. Thank you for kissing me, darling -- perfect way to cap off my evening. 

Currently back home in heaven as a visitor--everyone's hugging me and I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Finally, our dear Persephone's back home!" from these angels, and the scent of cotton candy is soaking into my pores...the music hall was rebuilt and now I'm not as sleepy as I once was...my hair turned into the shade of honey and my eyes are lavender now, I wonder what I'll look like once I go back to the Underworld?

Instead of the smells of hellflames and brimstone, there's incense and the rain tastes like rosewater. I've never seen a rich tapestry of blues, pinks and whites all in one place. The silence is still unnerving -- not being able to hear any chatter from any servants or apprentices, just walking along the halls, heels clicking onto marble flooring. The music is soft and sweet, though the chorus of angels practicing could use a bit more...life, I presume? It reminds me of my Lord, although he would sing it at just the right pitch that makes me want to cuddle up against his wings and fall right asleep. 

It isn't to insult, my Lord...it's just that, you make me feel extremely safe and comfortable, I could sleep in your arms as if I were a little girl again. 
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