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12 March 2016 @ 01:07 pm
Of Reading, Vixx and Life itself  
So, hello there! It's me, sporadically updating once again since you know, I've been enjoying reading fanfiction way too much and I thought, "Hey, why not update?"

It's been such a wild ride. I look back at the journal entries when I was still in love and sigh, because that part of my life is over now. It's been over for about seven months, due to (no surprises here) a third party. I've had it with that boy, honestly. I'm actually happy I recorded some moments of it in my journal, just so I could see how bad it was. Wore me down emotionally and physically (not to mention financially) and it was overall an extremely toxic time, punctuated with a few sweet words that meant...nothing. So, a true villain in every sense of word. I'm glad R got me out of it, and after awhile I was able to distance myself from him, from my feelings for him. And now it's just smoothed over into one endless expanse of nothingness, and numbness. But I've been writing again, and cooking for myself. It's the best progress I've ever experienced.

So, while mending my heart I've just stumbled into K-Pop and found one of my favorite bands: a boy group named VIXX, who have concepts and fans that are just so amazing with story-telling and stories itself. Makes me want to delve in it as well.

I've also been working for the past six months, it's helped immensely to keep myself busy after graduating. 
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