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30 April 2013 @ 01:56 pm
Selfish Time  
I really want a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I mean...my brother received a Samsung Galaxy S4 for free because he just used our parents' free phone plan...they get an upgrade if they keep using the line for a set number of years. What ticks me off is his reasons, telling that it's because he "graduated" and that he "got into Ateneo."

When I want something, it's usually denied to me or I'm forced to get something I don't really like. I mean, all I want is to use my brother's old phone (which isn't even his, I was planning to use it but he got to use it because he got his phone stolen. I hate him so much.) and he STILL won't let me use it until later tonight. I hate him. I can be patient but he is just ridiculous.

If I don't get a tablet for my birthday I am going to kill them. My friends are stressing me out and I just want one day wherein I'm not stressed anymore, where nothing bad happens to other people and where I can just be with my master.
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